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JOSH is a movement towards curing hearing impairment in children. The founders, acclaimed ENT surgeon Dr.Jayant Gandhi and Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathologist Devangi Dalal are pathfinders for the population of the hearing impaired. Their primary focus is to support and assist children from having hearing problems. It is achievable only when advances in medical technologies and rehabilitation programs work in sync. Children gradually start to respond well and positively to the spoken word when they are treated with the utmost care and precaution—allowing them to feel all-inclusive.

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Bring about awareness for giving equal and fair significance and a chance to the hearing impaired in society.

Put a stop to calling special schools as Deaf and Dumb Schools.

Hearing problems are not equivalent to being dumb. The child remains as smart and bright as his/her peers.

Initiate a motion for NGOs to adopt special schools, provide financial aids for tailor-made digital hearing aids, the creation of soundproof rooms, etc.

Concentrate on Government backing for special schools by dispensing hearing machines for children.

Appeal and Call to donors at large who can become a part of this clan in helping to create a much-needed change. So that together we can make the future look brighter for children, they deserve it.

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