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JOSH is a movement founded by eminent ENT surgeon Dr.Jayant Gandhi and Devangi Dalal , a renowned audiologist. We focus on supporting hearing impaired children, with the state-of-the-art medical technologies coupled with rehabilitation program. With proper care and support all such children can, over a peroid of time, begin to gear well enough to respond to the spoken word and better integrate with society.

our activities

  • Create awareness about need of integration of hearing impaired children in normal society.
  • Impose ban on calling these special schools as 'Deaf and Dumb School.
  • These Children are hearing impaired, but not dumb. They are as smart as any normal child.
  • Group of NGOs can start adopting these special schools and try to provide them financial help to go for tailor-made digital hearing aids, creation of sound proof rooms, etc.
  • Goverment can support these schools by dispensing proper hearing aids for these children.
  • Large level awarness and appeal to donors are other important areas to help these children make their future better.
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