Josh Testimonials

Arvind Varma

Respected madam, This is Arvind Varma father of your patient Advita Varma writing this mail to thank you from depth of my heart for helping me get the advanced hearing aid for my daughter .that also free of cost which otherwise was not possible for me to afford not only hearing aid you have been helping my daughter in every difficulties and I hope with God grace and your help she might fully recover. Not only my daughter you have been working for so many children's who's parents can't efford to get the advance hearing aid and treatment required. you are doing such a great and wonderful work .the coming generation will take inspiration from your work. In my childhood my father use to tell me tales of Angels now I believe angels are real.

jesal shah review for josh foundation

Jesal shah

Josh foundation is a great platform for people like me to boost our confidence and the way people look at me...for the first time when i gave a speech to so many dignitaries i felt no less than a normal person..thank you for all support and much love !!.

Hemali Lalaji

My name is Hemali Lalaji. I am the member of josh foundation. I would like to share my feelings about josh foundation. Josh is the word which gives power,passion,confidence as well as courage. Josh is the movement which gives support to hearing impaired children.josh have been helping the hearing impaired children by providing hearing aids to those parents who can't afford to such hearing impaired child. Josh foundation has been implementing all kind of functions and program every year ,gives opportunities to each an every child to participate in each an every activities.i would like to thanks josh foundation for giving me chance and also helping each and every student of hearing impaired.


Devangi madam is a great motivator, team builder and excellent social activist. Madam's works in Josh foundation has been exemplery. Ever since i became part of JOSH, my speech and hearing have improved a lot and i gained confidence to speak to everyone and made friends. Josh have supported me a lot to complete my graduation in engg and post graduate from US.

Awantee Deshmukh /Jathar

When 1st time i read the article on me in Josh foundation booklet i felt so good and proud. I was overwhelmed with joy. Today i see Josh foundation organises different cultural and educational programs. I would like to say thanks for providing platform to bring out all of ours hidden qualities. I wish the best to Josh foundation's future journey.

Sagar Patil

Devangi madam, I am Sagar Patil. Hearty Congratulations on completion of your services of Sound & Speech for 19years and Josh Foundation for 13years..that makes me so proud of you! One of my close friends, Akshay Deshmukh, introduced me to Devangi madam and Josh foundation a decade ago. Then, Devangi madam identified my limitations of speech and hearing capabilities and helped me to improve them by using high quality digital hearing aids which gave great results. It helped me to boost my confidence, passion, courge, activities and many more things. So, I am really very grateful to her. Now, I'm enjoying my life just like normal people. Josh Foundation is a great trustee platform for hearing handicapped students and people which supports them and helps them to boost their capabilities in life. They also organise different cultural, functions, educational programs, some shows and also publish booklets of successful hearing handicapped students/people articles every year. Thus, it helps us to unite the hearing handicapped people & introduce ourselves to each other. Wishing Devangi madam and Josh Foundation all the best for their future endeavours and their journey ahead. Thank you so much Devangi madam & Josh foundation. I am very lucky to be a part of Josh Foundation.